European Space Agency (ESA) engaged with Licensing Matters Global to develop their global licensing strategy.

Following on from the news of the European Space Agency (ESA) engaging Licensing Matters Global (LMG) to lead their global licensing program LMG are now actively seeking for potential licensees, in a range of categories, spanning apparel to toys and space related instruments to luggage.

LMG iterated that the main aim of the licensing program is to raise the awareness and profile of the ESA, especially with their young audience, all across the world but especially in Western Europe and their 22 member states. LMG continued that this opportunity is both exciting and prestigious – to be working with a body that has innovation, at the centre, of everything it does, and underpins it by ensuring ethical practices and sustainability, through its operations.

To engage with LMG about becoming a licensee, to the ESA, or for more information, please click here.

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