HK Tramways Appoint Licensing Matters Global as Licensing Agent.

LMG signs to represent the world’s largest double-deck tram fleet in operation, Hong Kong Tramways, Limited in brand extension program.

Boutique licensing agency Licensing Matters Global (LMG) signs to represent the world’s largest double-deck tram fleet in operation, Hong Kong Tramways, Limited in its brand extension program. For more than a century, Hong Kong Tramways, Limited has delivered happy rides for the Hong Kong community, the new deal will see LMG extend the familiar brand experience into a range of consumer products and promotions locally and globally.

“Ding! Ding!” Since its first ringing in 1904, this signature bell sound has become the nickname of HK Tramways (HKT). “Ding Ding” has been running on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island from East to West, witnessing the transformation of Hong Kong for more than a century. HKT has never ceased to evolve! With its heritage behind the brand locally, HKT is enthusiastic in building brand recognition beyond boundary limitation.

LMG aims to build upon the renowned strengths of the HKT brand experience to develop long-term brand extension programs in categories such as Food & Beverage, Homeware, Apparel, Backpacks and Accessories. As well as expanding HKT’s core brand values through promotional partnerships & endorsements, including educational products & courses and art & cultural collaboration.

“The LMG team is extremely excited to announce that we have been chosen as exclusive licensing agent for HKT. The journey is only just the beginning for the symbolic tram fleet which has begun to capture the hearts of its community through launches of diverse products and the introduction of Tram ambassador Ding Ding Cat.” says Andrew Kwan, EVP LMG, Maxx Group.” We’re eager to bring products and experiences to market that are in sync with HKT’s brand values”.

Licensing Matters Global (LMG) strives to connect brands and licensees through strategic consultancy, to create powerful opportunities. The partnership between Hong Kong Tramways and Licensing Matters Global will commence this December 2020. LMG are currently seeking licensee partners in Food & Beverage, Homeware, Apparel, Backpacks and Accessories. To learn more about licensing opportunities with the Hong Kong Tramways, please contact Andrew Kwan via:

About Licensing Matters Global

Licensing Matters is a global, full-service, boutique licensing agency that works with brands to help unlock their latent equity, deepen their relationships with consumers and expand their footprint into brand new market sectors. LMG’s client roster includes Shell, KFC, European Space Agency, BuzzFeed, Harvard and Yale.

About HK Tramways, Limited

Hong Kong Tramways, Limited (Tramways) has been serving Hong Kong since 1904 and operates nowadays a fleet of 165 tramcars including 2 antique party tramcars, 1 unique “TramOramic Tour” sightseeing tramcar and 1 unprecedented Circus Tram which focuses on promoting Hong Kong’s art and culture experiences. Tramways is the world’s most unique fleet of double-deck tramcars in operation, carrying up to 200,000 passengers every day. It has been keeping up efforts in developing a world-wide recognized icon, while offering the greenest, the most affordable and the most joyful transport mode in Hong Kong.

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