Ground Control, Licensees Lift Off.

In these extraordinary times, prospective licensees should turn to the equivalent of ‘gilt-edged bonds’ for their brand investments.

Brands that have established themselves over decades, have proven their ability not only to adapt to a changing world, but to emerge stronger from crises. European Space Agency (ESA) have demonstrated infinite resilience since they were founded in 1975. As Europe’s gateway to space, operating in every space sector, ESA have proven to rise to the many challenges that coordinating 22 member states creates. Licensees should invest in brands with clear purpose, strategy, and established trust.

“We are ESA. We make space work for everyone. We build and launch rockets and satellites, train astronauts, watch over Earth, explore space and try to answer the big science questions about the Universe.” ESA 2019.

…..just a small brief then! If you were asked to jump in my personal rocket launching into deep space, would you join me? Probably not! ESA’s ambition to ensure that their investment in space delivers future benefits to the world, has in turn earnt prestige and trust.

“Over 70% of consumers link purchase, to considerations that historically were tied to trust” according to the recent Edelman report, and what’s more, “Ethical drivers are 3X more important to company trust than competence” Source: Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: In Brands We Trust

The mindset shift of customers has never been more apparent, Covid-19 has only highlighted further, our growing expectation for brands to support communities. Proactive thinking in the darkest depths of the unknown, is something ESA have 45 years’ experience in. Repurposing 3D printers for essential face shields and using satellite data to support a new social distancing app, are just some of ESA’s recent projects in response to Covid-19.

Shoot for the stars.

Whilst brands walk the line between making a positive difference and exploiting the current situation, we investigate the infinite prospects for licensees. Shoot for the stars – invest in established brands. Brands that have laid the foundations of customer trust and corporate responsibility, will have the ground-control ready to lift-off from challenge.

Launch your future.

Licensing Matters Global, is fortunate to work with leading brands including ESA. Through strategic collaboration with licensees and brands, we unlock brand equity to drive powerful, creative, and bold opportunities. ESA are seeking licensees in various areas from scientific and technical equipment, to art, travel, and educational toys.

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