Spirit of Ingenuity

Peugeot’s fascinating 210-year history began in 1810, even before the company developed their first automobile (in 1889). The innovation and technical ingenuity that their automotive products stand out for is present throughout the brand’s long multi-category legacy. From Tools, kitchenware, bicycles, household appliances, and wine accessories. All these inventions share the same unique French know-how and combine usefulness with style, practicality with elegance.

Time is ripe to take the next step in the expansion of this beloved, iconic French brand, and expand its footprint into new product categories, where Peugeot’s legacy and attributes, and its commitment to sustainability, will add tangible value to the consumer proposition.

Licensing Matters Global aim to extend the iconic Peugeot brand into new categories via strategic licensing and retail efforts. Key categories include Toys, Garden Power Tools, Camping Equipment, Major Electric Appliances, Sports Equipment, Travel Accessories and Fashion, amongst others.

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