#1 Global Food Network

Tasty is the world’s No.1 food network, an online food platform from BuzzFeed dedicated to short, step-by-step video recipes that focus on indulging, but simple, cooking. 500,000,000 people worldwide watch a Tasty video every month, and 2 in 3 of these viewers have been inspired to make a Tasty recipe. The Tasty brand is a trusted favourite in countless households, stirring up viewers and serving up doers!

Licensing Matters Global aims to extend the Tasty brand into a wide range of exciting licensed product categories in Europe, Middle East and Africa such as Meal Kits, Chilled Meals, Frozen Meals, Ambient Food, Salad Dressings, Baking Deco, Desserts, Ice Cream, Cookies, Snacking Bites, Toys and more…

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